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Account Registration

You will be able to create your account beginning Saturday, December 21, 2024 12:00 AM, MST through Saturday, January 11, 2025 4:00 PM, MST.

Judges and stewards may register beginning Saturday, December 21, 2024 12:00 AM, MST through Wednesday, January 29, 2025 11:59 PM, MST.

Entry Registration

You will be able to add your entries to the system beginning Saturday, December 21, 2024 12:00 AM, MST through Saturday, January 11, 2025 4:00 PM, MST.


Entry Fees

$9.00 (USD) per entry.


BJCP 2021 Styles Accepted

If a style's name is hyperlinked, it has specific entry requirements. Select or tap on the name to view the subcategory's requirements.

21B1 Belgian IPA 21B6 White IPA 23B Flanders Red Ale
23C Oud Bruin23D Lambic23E Gueuze
23F Fruit Lambic 24A Witbier24B Belgian Pale Ale
24C Bière de Garde 25A Belgian Blond Ale25B Saison
25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale26A Belgian Single26B Belgian Dubbel
26C Belgian Tripel26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale27A Historical Beer
28A Brett Beer 28B Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer 28C Wild Specialty Beer
28D Straight Sour Beer29A Fruit Beer 29B Fruit and Spice Beer
29C Specialty Fruit Beer 30A Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer 30B Autumn Seasonal Beer
30C Winter Seasonal Beer 31A Alternative Grain Beer 31B Alternative Sugar Beer
32B Specialty Smoked Beer 33A Wood-Aged Beer 33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
34A Commercial Specialty Beer 34B Mixed-Style Beer 34C Experimental Beer


Entry Limit

There is a limit of 175 entries for this competition.

There is a limit of 150 paid entries for this competition.

Entry limits per style type:

  • Beer – 175


Per Entrant Limits

Each entrant is limited to 6 entries.

Each entrant is limited to 1 entry per subcategory – exceptions are detailed below.

Each entrant is limited to 2 entries for for the following subcategories:

  • 23F: Fruit Lambic
  • 28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
  • 28C: Wild Specialty Beer
  • 29A: Fruit Beer
  • 29B: Fruit and Spice Beer
  • 29C: Specialty Fruit Beer
  • 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
  • 30B: Autumn Seasonal Beer
  • 30C: Winter Seasonal Beer
  • 33A: Wood-Aged Beer
  • 33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
  • 34C: Experimental Beer


Pay Entry Fees

After creating your account and adding your entries to the system, you must pay your entry fee(s). Accepted payment methods are:

  • Credit/debit card and e-check, via PayPal


Entry Acceptance Rules

Number of Bottles Required Per Entry: 3

Each entry will consist of three (3) 12 to 22 oz capped bottles, three (3) 375 to 750 ml capped/corked bottles, or three 11 to 16.9 oz cans that are void of all identifying information, including labels and embossing.

12 oz brown glass bottles are preferred; however, green and clear glass will be accepted. Swing top bottles will likewise be accepted, but are not recommended.

12-16.9 oz cans are likewise permitted, provided each are void of all identifying information, including labels and embossing.

Bottles and cans will not be returned to entrants.

Remove or black out with permanent marker any identifying marks from bottle caps. Solid color bottle caps are acceptable - all other printed bottle caps must be completely blacked out.

Caps with identifiable markings that make them unique as determined by the Competition Organizer with visible symbols, writing, etching, coating, etc. will be disqualified.

Entry Labels

Entry labels must be printed directly from the this website and should be attached to bottles/cans as directed.

Entry Requirements

When adding your entry into the system, be meticulous about noting any special ingredients that must be specified per the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines. Failure to note such ingredients may impact the judges' scoring of your entry.

All Entries Must Be Belgian- or French-Inspired

If a beer is entered into a subcategory that is not specifically Belgian- or French-inspired as defined by the BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines, entrants must provide further information as to why the entry is Belgian- or French-inspired (e.g., yeast selection, Belgian or French base style, etc.).

This applies especially to any entry in BJCP 2021 style categories 27 through 34 – SHV, Wood-Aged Beer, Historical Beer, Brett Beer, Experimental Beer, etc. If a beer entered into these categories does not specify the Belgian- or French-inspiration, base style, and/or if supporting information is insufficient, the entry will be judged, but it will be disqualified from medal contention.


Entrants will be limited to six (6) entries until January 6, 2025. After that, we'll increase it to unlimited until the entry limit of 150 paid entries has been reached. This is to ensure that all who wish to enter have a fair shot to do so.

Entrants are not limited to one entry in each category but may only enter each subcategory once (some subcategories allow two entries, see the Per Entrant Limits section). For example, participants may enter a Belgian Blonde and Belgian Saison but may not enter two Saisons, even if they are radically different brews. In other words, choose wisely.

Categories with a small number of entries may be combined at the discretion of the competition organizers. All entries in combined categories will be judged according to the style they were originally entered in.


Drop-Off Locations

Entry bottles accepted at our drop-off locations Saturday, December 21, 2024 12:00 AM, MSTSaturday, January 11, 2025 4:00 PM, MST.

Please pay attention to the notes provided for each drop-off location. There could be earlier deadlines for some drop-off locations listed, particular hours when entries are accepted, certain individuals to leave your entries with, etc. All entrants are responsible for reading the information provided by the organizers for each drop-off location.

Brew Fort
309 S Summit View Dr #4 Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 672-8739

Quirky Homebrew Supply
425 W 115th Ave, Unit 6, Northglenn, CO 8023
(303) 457-3555

The Brew Hut
15108 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 680-8898


Shipping Info

Entry bottles accepted at our shipping location Saturday, December 21, 2024 12:00 AM, MSTSaturday, January 11, 2025 5:00 PM, MST.

Ship entries to:

Biere de Rock c/o The Brew Hut
15120 E Hampden Ave Aurora, CO 80014

Packing and Shipping

Carefully pack your entries in a sturdy box. Line the inside of your carton with a plastic trash bag. Partition and pack each bottle with adequate packaging material. Please do not over pack!

Write clearly: Fragile. This Side Up. on the package. Please only use bubble wrap as your packing material.

Enclose each of your entry labels in a small zip-top bag before attaching to their respective entries. This way it makes it possible for the organizer to identify specifically any entries have been damaged during shipment.

Every reasonable effort will be made to contact entrants whose entries arrived damaged to make arrangements for sending replacements.


Judging Sessions

Monday, January 20, 2025 11:00 AM, MST through Thursday, January 30, 2025 11:59 PM, MST
Pick up assigned entries to evaluate at the Brew Hut the week of January 20, 2025 during regular business hours.

The Brew Hut - Friday
Friday, January 31, 2025 6:30 PM, MST

The Brew Hut - Saturday Early AM
Saturday, February 1, 2025 9:30 AM, MST

The Brew Hut - Saturday Late AM
Saturday, February 1, 2025 11:00 AM, MST


Best of Show

Medal winners present at the awards ceremony will receive some great prizes donated by our sponsors.



Join us at The Brew Hut in Aurora, CO for the 2025 Biere de Rock Awards Ceremony, taking place in their classroom (located next door to Dry Dock Brewing). Arrive early, grab a beer claim a seat.

All winners who are in attendance at the Awards Ceremony will receive some killer swag provided by our sponsors. Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries in each medal category.

We'll also be announcing the Best of Show winning entry and runners-up, as well as the Best Brewer and Best Club honors.

To reward their winning entry, the Best of Show brewer will receive an awesome prize.

Winners who are not able to attend the Awards Ceremony in person will be able to pick up their medal(s) at The Brew Hut during regular business hours, starting Monday, February 3, 2025 through Sunday, February 15, 2025. Medals for winners residing outside Colorado will be mailed the week of February 3, 2024.

Results and scoresheets will be available on this site on or after 7:00 PM, Saturday, February 1, 2025.


Awards Ceremony

The Brew Hut Classroom
15120 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014
Saturday, February 1, 2025 4:00 PM, MST